Letcher County Tourism
2019 Photo Contest

The contest is now closed, the winner will be notified shortly.

Letcher County Tourism is hosting a photo contest, sponsored by Appalachian Wireless, from Monday, April 1st to Monday, May 13th. This is a great opportunity to share pictures you have taken in our area. There are no specific requirements for what must be in the picture, but Tourism would like to see images that will draw tourists to our region and entice people to “Discover Letcher County”. Pictures can feature wildlife, nature, culture and anything else that showcases the beauty and lifestyle of our county. Anyone is welcome to submit a photo - whether you live in Letcher County or not.

How to enter:

Participants must read the rules & regulations PDF and complete the waiver form located at the links below.
The photos along with the completed waiver form must be emailed to

  • The rules & regulations can be found here.

  • The waiver form can be found here.